5 Fireplace Remodel Ideas for Any Budget

Ever wanted to know how to remodel a fireplace?

Fireplaces, no matter which model you choose, offer a unique charm and sense of comfort for any home. One of the many benefits of having a fireplace is that there are plenty of ways to upgrade or change the look of it.

Whether you’re considering upgrading your fireplace or just changing its appearance, there are lots of solutions to choose from on any budget.

1. Fix Up Your Bricks

If your fireplace has bricks, give them a good deep cleaning. The most popular cleaning solution for bricks is a simple combination of vinegar and water. 

Give your bricks a good scrub if you notice dirt or dust collecting on them. You could also have professional cleaning done to make them shine or refresh their colors.

Another way to improve the appearance of your bricks is to check for any damage, like cracks or gaps. If you notice damage, consult with a professional to have it repaired.

P.S. You can also paint your bricks to give your fireplace a whole new look!

2. Add a Mantel

A mantle is a great way to add some personality and aesthetic to your fireplace. There are many mantel options to choose from to compliment your fireplace, including brick, marble, granite, and more!

Once it’s installed, you can add photos, candles, or other decorations to give it a more personalized appearance. 

3. Install Tiles

Tiling a fireplace is another great way to renovate it and transform its look. 

With tons of selections to choose from, you can add splashes of color, or make it one solid color for a more sleek or simple look.

Calling a fireplace professional is your first step for choosing tiles and having them installed.

4. Consider a Floor-To-Ceiling Design

If you want to make your fireplace look more prominent in your space, you can install stone or brick from the floor to the ceiling. 

This type of design creates a focal point for the room it’s in and can showcase your fireplace in a new and unique way!

5. Enlist the Help of a Fireplace Expert

If you want to change up the style of your fireplace but you’re not sure where to start, a professional fireplace team can help.

Supreme Fireplace & Hearth is happy to assist with fireplace renovations. We’ll lay out a list of options for you to choose from, and help you decide what works best for your fireplace. 

Our team has the expertise to complete your chosen renovations, and work to give you your dream fireplace! 

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