Top 5+ Benefits of Converting Your Fireplace from Wood to Gas

    There are many things to consider when contemplating converting a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace. You’re probably thinking, “is it worth the effort?”, “is this actually saving me money?”, and more. 

    Below, we answer your questions, and outline the benefits of converting your wood fireplace to a gas fireplace.

    Can You Convert a Wood Fireplace to a Gas Fireplace?

    Good news – you can certainly convert a wood fireplace to a gas fireplace.

    However, prior to converting, you need to hire a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney. You also need to have the correct gas line installed.

    The Top 5+ Benefits of Converting a Wood Fireplace to Gas

    Energy Efficient

    While some gas fireplaces vary in efficiency, all of them have strict efficiency ratings. The higher the efficiency rating, the better the fireplace is at burning and heating. 

    Gas fireplaces tend to burn at approximately 50 to 90 percent efficiency. This is unlike wood fireplaces, which offer about 10 to 30 percent efficiency.

    Updating the Look of Your Home

    Nothing says, “home sweet home” like a gas fireplace. No matter where your fireplace is located, it can tie a room together as the focal point.

    If you have a modern-style room with a wood-burning fireplace, it’s time to add a sleek gas fireplace to your home.

    Cleaner Air Quality

    When you burn wood and starters, you’re releasing a vast amount of chemicals into the air. Worst off, you, your family and your pets and breathing them in.

    With most gas fireplaces, you’re eliminating 100 percent of combustion exhaust and fumes from your home’s air. With a sealed fireplace, you can expect prime heating, energy efficiency and clean indoor air.

    Interested in converting your wood fireplace into a gas fireplace? Contact us now to get an installation quote.


    Let’s face it; maintaining a wood fireplace is a hassle. You need to actively stoke the flames to ensure that the fire isn’t growing out of control.

    However, gas fireplaces give you the same roaring fire at the push of a button, making fire prepping  a thing of the past.

    No More Wood Storage

    Along with the convenience of no longer needing to maintain a wood fire, you won’t have to worry about storing your firewood properly.

    Firewood can be easily damaged due to changes in both weather and indoor air pressure. With a gas fireplace, gas logs are ceramic logs with a gas burner that simply sits inside your new fireplace.

    Home Safety

    You need to remain constantly aware with a wood burning fireplace, especially when sparks fly out. Improperly maintained wood chimneys are much more likely to cause a chimney fire due to creosote build-up.

    However, gas fireplaces offer safety shut-off features to prevent leaks and eliminate exposure hazards.

    Get a Gas Fireplace Today

    Fireplaces are a focal point to your home, which is why you need one that’s energy efficient, safe and sharply designed all-in-one.

    The fireplace experts at Supreme Fireplace and Heath are committed to finding the right fireplace for you, no matter if it’s a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Contact us today for an installation quote!

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