A Guide to Indoor Fireplaces

When it comes to indoor fireplace ideas, you should be aware of all the options and each of their benefits. There are seemingly endless options to choose from, with every single one of them boasting the same benefit—warmth, ambiance and affordability. 

However, there are certain fireplace types and models that are better suited for different homes. Similar to our outdoor fireplaces buyer’s guide, we created this quick guide below to help compare your indoor fireplace options!

Electric Fireplaces

Installing an electric fireplace can be easy and cost-efficient when working with Supreme Fireplace and Hearth. Read more about the pros and cons of an indoor electric fireplace below. 


Since they don’t require ventilation, electric fireplaces are easy to install. This means the material surrounding the fireplace can be just about anything, as they don’t need an exterior wall. 

Many electric fireplaces come in slim models, so their depth makes it easy to fit into a variety of different spaces. They can easily fit in bedrooms, living spaces, and basements. 


Unlike gas fireplaces, many electric fireplaces don’t feature temperature controls. They also require a dedicated electrical line, which can be difficult (and costly) when your home’s walls are finished. 

Contact us today for more information about installing an electric fireplace in your home. 

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace can give you the ambiance and warmth of a wood burning fireplace without the smoke or smell.  


Typically, gas fireplaces are cheaper than electric fireplaces. Additionally, they’re extremely convenient since they don’t require wood (or fuel) to power. 


Gas fireplaces use artificial logs, which aren’t easily movable once installed. Additionally, gas fireplaces require consistent professional maintenance and upkeep.

Contact our team for any gas fireplace maintenance or installation needs. 

Fireplace Inserts

Unlike the traditional gas, wood or electric fireplace models, fireplace inserts are a firebox that is directly installed into your existing fireplace to increase heat output. 


Fireplace inserts are quick to install and cost efficient. You can choose the style and fuel type when purchasing a fireplace insert. Typically, they’re easier to maintain compared to gas, electric, or wood fireplaces. 

Additionally, fireplace inserts also come in varying sizes, so they’re able to fit your existing fireplace. 


This is somewhat of a pro—preparing for a fireplace insert can reveal issues in your current fireplace, which may be a blessing in disguise. 

Contact Supreme Fireplace and Hearth for any questions on your existing fireplace or a fireplace insert! 

Fireplace Wood Stoves

Wood burning fireplace stoves are a great way to heat your home while also featuring a warm and inviting atmosphere. 


Wood burning stoves are highly efficient and have a high heat output, making them useful for cold nights. They also allow for more user control, and don’t require electricity. 

Additionally, wood burning stoves are known to last from 10 to 20 years. 


While wood burning stoves have a ton of benefits, they definitely come with a learning curve. They’re typically the more expensive option at first when initially purchasing.

The installation costs may also run higher, due to the extensive process that may be required to create the perfect atmosphere for your fireplace. These fireplaces also can be more dangerous, since they’re hot-to-the-touch when lit. 

Supreme Fireplace and Hearth can give you a quote for purchasing and installing a fireplace stove in your home today! Contact us here.

Let’s Create Your Perfect Indoor Fireplace

Have you always dreamed of having a cozy fireplace in your home? Do you have an older fireplace that needs repair or replacement, or perhaps a conversion from wood to gas?

Whether you’re building your dream home with the perfect fireplace in mind or looking to add one in your current home, we can design and create the perfect indoor fireplace for you.

Make your indoor fireplace ideas a realityContact Supreme Fireplace and Hearth to answer any questions or to get a free estimate today! 

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