How to Choose Your Fireplace Design

When choosing between modern fireplace designs, you want to make sure the result is perfect. The more you love your fireplace, the more you’ll use it! 

With endless options for fireplace inserts, mantels, and decorations, it can feel overwhelming to start the design process. We want to make this process easy and enjoyable while ensuring the final design matches your vision.

Keep reading for the ultimate guide on how to choose your fireplace design! 

Determine Functionality

As you envision your new fireplace in your home, don’t forget to set parameters for your design by first defining the fireplace’s purpose and functionality.

Fireplaces as a Heat Source vs. Decoration

Will your fireplace be a source of heat in your home? Or will it be a statement piece used for special occasions? 

Fireplaces for everyday use need a more practical design that allows easy maintenance and use. Whereas statement fireplaces, used only occasionally, can prioritize decorations and aesthetics in their design over ease of use.

Wood Burning vs. Gas

Determining whether your fireplace should be gas or wood burning is also important. 

While perfect for making a statement and occasional use, wood-burning fireplaces require more space and planning than gas fireplaces. Additionally, wood-burning fireplaces are often required to be placed on an external wall of the home and will need a chimney constructed as well. 

Fireplace Hazards to Consider

You should also consider if your fireplace needs to be child-proof or pet-proof.

It goes without saying—fireplaces can be a hazard for young children and small pets. Ensure your design incorporates proper safety measures to best protect your kiddos and fur babies. For example, leave space for fire gates, and consider the height of your fireplace. Does it need to be off the ground and out of reach?

Once you collaborate with us regarding what’s needed in your fireplace design, we can start bringing your vision to life. 

Make your indoor fireplace ideas a reality. Contact Supreme Fireplace and Hearth to answer any questions or to get a free estimate today! 

Choose the Location and Layout

The next step in developing modern fireplace designs is to determine where your fireplace will go and what size it needs to be. Time to break out the tape measure!

Choosing a Location

Often, you already have a specific room in your home picked out for your fireplace location. However, if you want your fireplace to be a space for loved ones to gather, a living room or family room is the perfect option. 

So, a bedroom or study space is a great choice if you want to keep it cozy and tucked away. 

Consider the Layout

Once you choose the room for your fireplace’s location, it’s time to measure the space. Knowing the room’s dimensions will guide you in understanding how large or small your fireplace should be in proportion. 

You should also try arranging your furniture around the space to ensure the ideal layout. If you decide to install a wood-burning fireplace, consider the extra space needed for spare wood, poker sticks, and keeping a safe distance from sparks. 

We’re here to guide you through the design process! Got questions? Contact Supreme Fireplace and Hearth.

Match Your Home’s Style

Now, onto the fun part! Once you know what you need in your fireplace, it’s time to choose the fireplace design that best suits your style. 

Does your home have lots of character? Consider matching it by designing your fireplace with a brick surround and a wooden mantel. Wood-burning fireplaces often enhance the authentic character of your home, and the crackling sounds create a cozy ambiance. 

Modern Fireplace Designs For Your Home

Is a minimalist or modern fireplace design more your style? Consider a gas fireplace with a sleek finish. Gas fireplace inserts usually come with a glass finish that can become perfectly flush with the wall. Consider adding a tile or marble surround for a clean statement. 

The possibilities are almost endless in this part of the design process! Don’t be afraid to browse Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. Also, visit a fireplace showroom to get expert advice and see your fireplace buying options first-hand. 


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